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How to do a reverse image search smartly

by Angelina

Reverse search image is the best way to find high resolution pictures related to your search. There are so many tools available to perform this function some are free and some are paid. If you do not know how to do a reverse image search smartly then you have landed at the right place. Here we will let you know all the tools in detail and discuss how they actually work.


An outstanding Russian company established in 2000 that makes image search easy for you and provides high quality results that have similarity with your pictures just within a matter of seconds. It works with URLs, keywords and even image tags. You can zoom in and out of the picture by just hovering the cursor on the photo. You can upload an image here and get results but if you have the URL of an image then just copy paste it in the search bar and it will bring you millions of pictures related to your  search. But if you do not know how to get the URL of an image simply go to the image and right click on it then it will show different options and tap on copy search URL.

Microsoft bing visual search

It is an outstanding tool for reverse image search that identifies images that have similarity with your picture. It works just like google or any other image search engine. The awesome thing about this free visual search engine is  it gives you results with the highest picture resolution. You can upload pictures you want to search and enter keywords to get desirable photos. If you want to get exact photos you want then try to write most similar keywords in the search bar.

Reverse image search

It is one of the easiest search engines that uses URL or keywords to get amazing photos. You just need to go to the play store and enter reverse image search there. Download and install it. Open www.reverseimagesearch.org and add the URL of the image. To get the URL, right click on the image and tap on copy image URLand then paste it in the search bar of the app.  If you have an image in your gallery and you want photos related to it then simply upload this picture in the app image search section.


Pixsy operates after signing up free for the account. After you sign up enter the required information and then log in the account. Go in the search bar menu and add images here. You can add multiple images at a time and search millions of pictures and it saves your time of searching individual photos. The best feature of this tool is its capacity to narrow down search images that is very rare in reverse search image tools.


This american tech company uses artificial intelligence to find high resolution pictures. Enter keywords in the search bar but remember to use the most appropriate keywords if you want similar photos. Or just take the URL of the image by clicking the right hand side, copy it and paste in the search bar and then run searches for this. An outstanding feature of shutterstock is that it has access to millions of web pages.

Image project identification

To find exact matches on the internet, image identification project is the best tool in the world of reverse image searches. This search engine does not need signing up for the account, just open it and run searches. Take an image from your gallery or from any other platform then right click on it and copy the URL address, then paste it in the image identification project search bar and get unlimited pictures with high resolution. Or if you do not want to search using URL simply put keywords in the search bar.

TinEye search

Make your reverse search image easy with the help of canadian based company, TinEye. The best thing about this tool is it won’t save your pictures and you do not need to worry regarding the privacy of your photos. You can use TinEye in so many ways. Take the URL of a picture and paste it in the search bar and see high resolution pictures related to your URL. or just upload an image from your computer or gallery and let the system struggle the internet for results. You can also drag an image from the browser and use it for quick search of high quality photos.

Pinterest search

Pinterest is used by people from all over the world to upload and find photos. Just upload an image and let the system scan through all the options related to your photos. The best thing is it narrows down options for you and saves time. 

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