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How to Manage Content in an Email Marketing Campaign

by Angelina

 Email Marketing


When social media became a mainstream topic in digital marketing back in the day, many professionals were quick to write obituaries for email marketing. It was considered an archaic practice slated to be replaced by interactive and intuitive social media channels.

What has unfolded however is email marketing retaining its place in digital marketing and becoming an even more important practice in the current content-driven world. The overload of information on social media has led to the general attention span of users across the board reducing dramatically. Compressing information into 280 characters is not easy for digital marketers, making social media a less than ideal platform for promotion at times.

According to Delhi Courses Academy in a press conference, Email marketing continues to be used by brands and companies across the board as it offers them the chance to interact with customers in a one-on-one conversation without being bogged down by low attention spans.

In education websites and training institutes conducting digital marketing courses, email marketing is a crucial topic of discussion. Even in the industry, from a marketing executive at an MNC to a trainer at a digital marketing course, professionals across the board value email marketing.

In this article, we discuss how to manage and improve the content in an email marketing campaign.

Know your Readers

Consider an email copywriter is drafting content for a campaign targeting young millennial women to buy a pair of jeans from a given brand. The content of the email has to suit the audience that is reading it, which in this case are young women.

The role of a content writer involved in an email marketing campaign should be to create content which resonates with the target audience. There is no other way to make a reader perform desirable actions and help marketers meet their goals. In the example above, content writers should draft crisp content to make the target audience click on given links and buy the jeans.

Don’t Appear Overtly Spammy

Many email marketing campaigns fall apart because a number of users red flag certain emails as spam. Email service providers pick up on such trends and blacklist certain senders.

To make their campaigns are not hampered by the danger of being classified as spam, digital marketers make sure the content they create toes the line and does not appear too promotional and flashy. For example, emails that have many images and take a lot of time to load end up being sent to spam. Thus, brands should minimize the number of images in their content and focus on developing targeted content.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers how content in an email marketing campaign should be managed. With these tips, digital marketers can improve the quality of their content significantly.

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