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The English Language and Its Importance

by Angelina

English is a global language, and we are all aware of its importance in our daily life. Language, to a very great extent, has helped humanity to eradicate the gap that exists between one another. It offers the chance for individuals to express their ideas and emotions to individuals living in any corner of the world. In the modern world, language has marked its dominance in every field and profession. Ranging from medical science to engineering, English acts as the principal language for expression. Undoubtedly, language can be considered one of the greatest boons that present-day humans are enjoying.

People all over the world are pursuing ideas to ease the effort of improving their language. Even though there exist numerous worksheets and exercises to meet this objective, are all of them approved by children? There exists a higher chance for the children to feel the process of learning the English language is a tedious process if they don’t find anything engaging in them. So it is very important to ensure that they are motivated and are enjoying the experience of learning while performing these activities. Let us offer appealing English poems, thought-provoking essays, engaging rhymes, word games, puzzles, etc., as a part of inspiring them to build their language skills.

How to Improve the Quality of Language?

Learning the English language can help individuals in numerous ways. From marking the academic progression to the development of an appealing career, language is mandatory. A proper comprehension of the English language will ease the effort of attaining proper education, getting good jobs, expressing ideas and information, travelling, etc. Some of the best methods that can be followed to improve the quality of the English language are mentioned below. Most of the practices mentioned below are easy to follow and will easily help for marking progression.

  • Watch movies. Movies cannot be categorised as mere entertainers. Children can enjoy a plethora of benefits by watching English movies. It helps children to get familiar with numerous wordings, their pronunciation and usages in the English language. Along with language development, it will offer a free ride through multiple emotions and a chance to collect information and ideas on various subjects.
  • Listen to the English language news. News presented in the English language will help children to get familiar with numerous new words in the English language. It also helps them understand how words are pronounced and used in certain contexts. Listening to the English language news not only favours language development but also will help to be up to date with current affairs and to strengthen general knowledge. It will be better to develop a habit of reading magazines, tabloids, etc., along with listening to English news.
  • Keep a notepad and fill them with new words. As we all know, the usage of precise words plays a very critical role in improving the effectiveness of the language. To mark the right application of words, vocabulary has to be enriched. Children can easily learn new words by writing them and their meanings on notepads. Carrying the notepad along with them will offer a chance to reinforce the meaning of the words that they have recently learnt.
  • Communicate in English. Try to have conversations with people in the English language. While engaging in an effective conversation, an individual performs not only the role of a speaker but also a listener. Along with the presentation, the individual enjoys the chance to witness how a topic is presented as well. An exchange of vocabulary happens, and it will help to boost self-confidence and improve the quality of language. So try to talk with family or friends in English and analyse the mistakes.

Once children are made aware of the importance of the English language in their day-to-day lives, ask them to develop an essay about the significance of English and language development all by themselves. If they are struggling to figure out how to arrange an essay, let us guide them to take a look at the My School Essay from BYJU’S as a reference. The article will help them to develop ideas on how to arrange paragraphs and detail the information. Along with language development, writing essays will help children to sharpen their logical thinking skills, visualisation skills, creativity, etc. For more kid-friendly resources to ease the process of learning, visit BYJU’S website.

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