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Why SEOs should Start Focusing on Search Engines Besides Google

by Angelina

Ever since digital marketing and SEO have become popular, the obsession of most marketers has been with Google.

By far the most popular search engine in the world, Google is considered by many in the SEO space as the only search engine worth studying. Other search platforms like Bing, Baidu, and Yahoo, are generally not considered as essential by most digital marketers.

Think about the digital marketing industry in general. How many marketers used My Space and Orkut once it became clear that Facebook was here to stay? How many marketers use SMS marketing widely now, when we have more sophisticated platforms like Whatsapp?

Every field evolves and digital marketing is no exception. Google is always at the center of any optimization effort because it gets the maximum traffic. Most people who use search engines trust Google over all other search engines. The reasons why Google is trusted are many, but one can be sure about the fact that no other search engine will ever be able to break the monopoly Google has over search.

This much is understood by most students at digital marketing institutes as well. Doing well on Google SERPs is often the first priority and for many, the only priority.

However, over a period of time, digital marketers must also try and enhance their search ranking positions on other search platforms. In this article, we discuss why the SEO efforts of a campaign should not stop with Google.

Google’s Market Share has fallen

While the change might seem small, but Google’s share of the search traffic market has fallen. In 2012, Google had 91% of the world’s total search market share. In 2019, the number has fallen to roughly 88%. In the same period of time, Bing has risen a few percentage points while Baidu in China remains the only trusted search engine.

Rise of Privacy Concerns

If your target audience comprises of people who are well aware of how Google shares its data with advertisers, they would probably not be using Google in the first place. Thus, your efforts to use SEO to get better SERP positions on Google won’t matter.

Thus, you will have to start ranking your content on search platforms where user data and privacy are better protected. A clear example is DuckDuckGo, a search engine that has grown in traffic numbers because people are slowly becoming vigilant about their digital identity.

Only Focusing on Google Could Mean Poor Ranking on Others

Gaurav says that Some SEOs falsely believe that a website ranking first on Google will also rank first on Bing or any other search engine for the same search query. This misconception has led to many SEOs completely disregarding other search engines.

In truth, other search engines rank websites based on their own SEO guidelines. Websites have to optimize their content to suit the SEO guidelines of other search engines. Simply doing well on Google won’t cut it.

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In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers the reasons why SEOs should start working on ranking their content in search engines besides Google.

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