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Best Rewriting Modes: Smart, Ultra, or Manual

by Angelina

The Paraphrasing Tool is a great way to create better content, but it can be difficult to understand what each mode does. In this post, we’ll go over the different types of rewriting modes and explain why you might prefer one over another.

What is rewriting?

Rewriting is a process that involves re-writing sentences to make them more readable and understandable. Rewriting allows you to improve the readability of your content by improving grammar, eliminating long words, and adding synonyms (or other words) to replace those that are hard to understand or too formal. This can help increase readership, as well as the quality of your blog posts or website content.

Why do people prefer to rewrite?

Rewriting is a time consuming process. While you are rewriting, you will have to go back to the source and read it again, then rewrite the paragraph or sentences based on your understanding of what was written. It’s not as effective as paraphrasing because paraphrasing can be done in just a few minutes while rewriting takes hours or even days depending on how long or complicated the original content is.

It’s also inefficient when it comes down to summarizing because you will end up losing some information that might be important in your document if you decide not to rewrite but summarize instead. Additionally, creating new content with the help of paraphrasing-tool.net based on existing material doesn’t always work if there’s too much information that needs to be covered; hence why many people prefer rewriting over creating brand new content from scratch!

In terms of efficiency though (which isn’t necessarily an important factor for everyone), using synonyms can save us time since we don’t need to do any research about anything else anymore before writing down those words (unless we’re still unsure about what those words mean).

The Manual Paraphrasing Mode

With the manual paraphrasing mode, we will be able to rewrite sentences and paragraphs by hand. This means that we don’t need any tools or software to help us with this task; hence why it’s called manual paraphrasing. And while some people prefer writing their own content from scratch, others like using synonyms because they don’t have to do any research beforehand before writing down new content!

The Ultra Rewrite Mode

The Ultra Rewrite Mode is the most advanced mode, and it uses artificial intelligence to rewrite sentences in a way that’s natural and understandable.

To use this mode, you just click on the Ultra button in your Rewrite Tools window. Once you activate it, you’ll notice that the original text is still visible below your rewritten text. You can easily switch back and forth between the two while proofreading each sentence.

The Ultra Rewrite Mode uses a deep neural network (DNN) to analyze how words are used together within sentences—and then it rewrites those sentences using different combinations of words that make sense together. The DNN is trained using millions of examples from books, articles, magazines, newspapers and more—so it understands how to translate language into other forms naturally without making mistakes like grammar errors or wordiness when trying to communicate concepts clearly without losing their meaning along the way!

The Smart Mode

The Smart Mode is the most flexible, efficient, accurate, affordable rewriting mode. It’s also the one that most people start out using and end up sticking with for the rest of their lives.

The Smart Mode is like if you were a human being but with better reflexes than any human alive could ever hope to possess in their wildest dreams—you can rewrite paragraphs as fast as your mind can think them up (or however fast your internet connection allows). You’re so good at this that even when you don’t understand what someone means because they use jargon or dated language, or say something really confusing (like “the smart mode is like if you were a human being but with better reflexes than any human alive could ever hope to possess in their wildest dreams…”) , all it takes is one click of a button and then BOOM—it becomes crystal clear! And not only will it be crystal clear; it will also read like an expert wrote it! The words flow off the page into your reader’s ears with perfect rhythm and cadence—you’ve created poetry!

You can also simply copy/paste any text into WordAI and watch as it spits back an almost identical version of whatever paragraph was copied into its system.


You should now be ready to choose the right mode for your rewriting needs. If you’re looking to rewrite a few sentences and make some minor changes, then smart mode is probably the best choice for you. However, if this is something you do often and want to save time and effort on each document then ultra or manual modes might be more appropriate.

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