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Raha Name Meaning it’s gender, language and region – Book Over Look

Raha Name Meaning it's gender, language and region - Book Over Look

by Angelina

An important first step of being a parent is finding a name for your child. Parents are always on the lookout for beautiful and meaningful names. In the Hindu and Sanatan tradition, there is a tradition of naming children after their birth. The naming is done with great care. It is said that names have an impact on the child. According to ancient civilizations, meaningful names of children play an important role in their overall development. That is why, in the Sanatan tradition, when a child is born, the naming is done with full rituals amid pomp and show.

From friends and family to extended family and colleagues, name suggestions flow in from everyone. While some parents consult baby names in books, others look for the name of their choice on baby-name websites. While some names are gender-specific, others are unisex.

Nowadays, the trend of giving trendy and unique names to children has increased.

To make your job simpler, we’ve rounded up some of the best baby names on the internet that are suitable for both boys and girls.

Several Punjabi names are used interchangeably. The differentiating factor for such names is adding ‘Singh’ to the boy names and ‘Kaur’ to the girl names. Harpreet, Ramandeep, Harsimran, Jaspreet, Kamal, Santosh, Gulab, Pankaj, Navjot, Mithilesh, Raj, Roop, Happy, Pinky, Preeti, Sonu and Gurpreet are some of the examples of unisex names that have been around for many years. Other unisex names, which are no longer very popular, include Kamlesh, Babli, Parkash.

Unisex names have evolved with times, while retaining their tradition. One such example is Abhishai, which means ‘father’s gift’.  Another popular unisex name is  Aishwarya, which means prosperity and wealth. It’s also a name made famous by Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Another option is Bhavya. Bhavya means auspicious and favourable. Another favourite option is Chandra which literally translates into moon.

Anadaya is another unique name that is perfect for a child regardless of their gender. Another name for Lord Krishna, it means eternal and righteous.
Aadiya, which means gift, unequalled, perfect, and is also another name for Goddess Durga, is another option.

Ahi, a union of clouds, sun, water, Earth and heaven, is a beautiful name.
Idenya is a name that means commendable.

Charu, which means pleasant, lovely and cherished, is also a popular choice. Tanu, meaning well-formed, momentous, is also commonly seen. Padma, another name for Goddess Lakshmi, and also synonymous with lotus, is also favoured.

Bhanu, which refers to the sun and means brilliant, virtuous, ruler and excellence, is another option to opt for.

Raha name meaning peaceful is a popular choice especially among parents looking for something that combines tradition and modernity. The meaning of Raha is what draws parents to it. The Raha name origin can be found in several cultures.

Khairat, which means mercy and good deed, is another excellent option. Ucchal,  which refers to feeling, and Kamuk which is another word for sensuality are also names that parents opt for.

As the world becomes smaller, with borders disappearing when it comes to living in different countries, many people take ease of pronunciation into consideration over focussing on the gender of the name. It is after all the meaning of the name that matters most.

So when you’re looking for a name, make sure it’s one your child will thank you for.

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